What To Know About Diabetes And Your Feet


Everyone has heard about this disease, but do you know how it can actually affect your feet? Well, if you have diabetes it is a good decision to have a podiatrist whom you can trust by your side because the chances are that you will need their help sooner or later. In addition, if you need a suggestion for a good podiatrist, then contact modpodpodiatry.com.au.

 What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease, the inability to properly use or manufacture insulin, as it weakens the body’s ability to convert starches, sugars, and other important food into energy. Hyperglycemia, also known as the long-term effect of having high blood sugar, is known to lead to a serious damage to the heart, nerves, kidneys, eyes, and feet.

Wash your feet properly and take care of them

Today, diabetes affects close to 26 mil people in the USA, and about 7 million people do not even know that they have that disease yet. There is no cure for this disease, but there are different management that give it hope. If you have proper medical care, diet, exercise and you take care of yourself at home, there is a high chance that you will avoid all the serious complications.


Today, podiatrists have a huge role in the lives of people who suffer from diabetes, as they are also able to help you manage this disease properly and avoid all foot-related complications. But, there are still some warning signs that you have to watch out for, and they include:

–    Change of color on your skin

–    Swelling of the foot or ankle

–    Pain in your legs

–    Numbness in the toes or feet

–    Slow healing of open sours on your feet

–    Ingrown and fungal toenails

–    Dry cracks on your skin, especially around the heels

–    Bleeding of calluses and corns

Visit the podiatrist

If you experience any of these symptoms and you have diabetes, or you are not sure that you do not, then you should visit your podiatrist. For example, you can always contact or visit Podiatry Neutral Bay like ModPod Podiatry, as they are a great clinic who will help you out. You should search for a reputable podiatry clinic and have regular visits.


Visit a podiatrist if you feel like there might be something wrong

Because diabetes is a disease that affects many different body parts, if you want to have a successful management, then you need to have a team approach. Today, the podiatrists have been seen as an integral part of the treatment, and have documented many cases where they could save the feet of a diabetic without having to amputate:

–    Over 65k lower limbs have to be amputated because of the complications that come with diabetes.

–    After the amputation, there is a very high chance that you will require another amputation within three to five years; up to 50% chance.

–    If you include the podiatrist care in your diabetes management, it can reduce the risk of having your limb amputated up to 85%, and it also lowers the risk of having to be hospitalized by 24%.

Final word

It is important that you inspect your feet daily and wear thin and soft socks that will not rub against your skin and create blisters. Have regular visits to your podiatrist, and allow him or her to explain everything you need to know about diabetes and your feet. The most important thing is to catch this disease early and the warning signs as well, as they need to be treated.


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