What to Expect from Heroin Addiction Treatment


For the majority of people who seek heroin addiction treatment, their drug dependency has a strong hold on them and has taken control of their life. They must realize that without getting past their addiction, they will never be free to make decisions about their relationships or their career that aren’t based on their need for heroin.  They also know that withdrawal can be a very painful process. The individual must be committed to completing the entire process starting with detox.


After a period of use, the body becomes dependent on heroin. When the heroin is removed, the body goes into detox. Detox results from the body believing it must have the heroin to survive and the symptoms are intense enough to drive the user to turn to drugs once again for relief. Detox will be the first phase of heroin addiction treatment, getting the person past the need to use heroin. Addiction Rehab Toronto explains that “Medically supervised drug detox like that offered as part of our heroin addiction treatment greatly improves the addict’s chances of successfully completing detox and advancing with the rest of the treatment program. This is essential for those addicted to heroin as it often produces more severe symptoms than those of other drugs like marijuana and they can be fatal.Image result for What to Expect from Heroin Addiction Treatment

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Individualized therapy may include a combination of treatment types that are right for the person as well as their specific addiction. There are benefits from having both individual and group therapy to determine what triggers are causing them to seek out drugs. Many people who suffer from drug addiction also suffer from anxiety or depression and they may have other behavioural issues. Before they are able to control their actions, they must first get to the bottom of what is causing them. This usually requires several counselling sessions throughout the week.

Another type of counselling that addicts may be offered in heroin addiction treatment is with their family or friends. This allows those people in the person’s life to understand more about the addiction and the best way for them to manage their relationships once the addict is no longer in the treatment program.

The Physical Factor

The recovering addict needs to learn how to focus on eating healthy and getting physical exercise that will improve their physical and mental fitness. Many rehab facilities offer a variety of physical activities, nutritious meals, and professional advice on how to live healthier. They may also give them chores, opportunities for education, and tools they will need to manage a normal life without drugs once they leave the rehab centre.

After the Treatment

Although various facilities take a different approach to heroin addiction treatment, one of the most important things they can offer recovering addicts is the extended support they will need when they return to their old lives. Once the inpatient care has ended and the individual begins to pursue an addiction-free life, an aftercare program is essential for keeping them on track. Otherwise, the addict is at a higher risk of returning to drugs once again.


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