How Contraception Protect From Unwanted Pregnancy?


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What if you want to have secure sex that will not lead to pregnancy? There are various methods available to control pregnancy after having unsafe sex. Almost all of them are safe and easy to use. However, contraception is the easiest and most used method.

Types of contraception to avoid pregnancy

There are two types of contraception available that can be used for the purpose. They are also known as birth control pills. One is oral contraceptive pills and other is progestin-only pills. A function of both pills are same, the only difference is a hormone present in it. Both pills are taken orally and can be consumed regularly or after having unsafe sex. Nevertheless, these pills can only control unwanted pregnancy and not the sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and STIs.

Combined birth control pill

These pills contain two hormones, estrogen and progestin. The pills inhibit sperm movement and stop ovulation. This is how it restricts pregnancy. The pill can be taken for a long time and on a regular basis. These pills are readily available in the market and have no or minor side effect.

Various advantages of taking combined birth control pills are:

  • It will reduce the chances of abortion or pregnancy.
  • Women will have sex without any fear.
  • These pills significantly reduce cramps and pain that comes during menstruation.
  • It reduces PMS symptoms and also suppresses endometriosis.
  • It reduces risk of ovary cancer among women who takes it on a regular basis.

In addition to these advantages, there are many other benefits associated with oral contraception. However, it is recommended using contraception of recommended manufacturer like Europa Pharmacy.

Progestin-only pills

The progestin-only pills contain only one hormone progestin. This pill thickens the mucus present in the cervix of women and thinner uterus wall. This inhibits sperms contact with eggs. Some progestin contraception stops ovulation as well. This pill too is readily available in the market and best for those women who are allergic to estrogen hormone.

Advantages of Progestin-only pill are:

  • It is best for women that have a problem with estrogen hormone.
  • The hormone content in these pills is much lower in comparison to combined birth control pill.
  • Nursing mothers can also take these pills.
  • Other than these other advantages are same as combined birth control pills. However, these are taken only after recommendation of doctors.

A progestin pill also has no effect on sexually transmitted disease. These pills are best to control unwanted pregnancy. To control, STD, use of condoms or other alternatives are better.

Disadvantages of contraception

Contraception is not completely immune to side effects. However, the side effects are much lesser in comparison to its benefits. Women on pills may suffer headache, vomiting, depression. But it is very rare and can be corrected with correct pills by taking recommendation from doctors.

It is a well know saying “precaution is better than cure” taking contraception is a precaution of unwanted pregnancy.  


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