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Are you ready to get off the couch and ramp up your exercise regime? Are you feeling sluggish from succumbing to a daily diet of fast food? Have you lost energy and motivation to take care of your health and appearance? Follow these recommendations from the experts and you’ll have an extra bounce in your step in no time.


Commit to forgoing fast food and sugary sodas. These items are loaded with added sugars and sodium that contribute to energy swings, bloating, lethargy and general fatigue.  They do the opposite of providing nourishment to your body. Those two steps alone will make a huge difference in your stamina within a few short weeks. With all that added stamina, start moving. Commit to spending at least thirty minutes per day walking, hiking, gardening, housekeeping or anything that gets your heart rate up and your muscles warm. The increase in cardiovascular activity will boost your metabolism and provide yet more energy.

Take that renewed energy and ramp up your daily grooming regime. Spend extra time moisturizing your skin, conditioning your hair and maintaining your nails. Opt for a lasik procedure using savings from a Groupon coupon to boost your eyesight and eliminate the need for glasses or contacts during your workout routine. Enlist a friend with an honest, critical eye whose style you’ve always admired to give you some wardrobe and fashion tips.

The final piece of a healthy life style is a healthy heart and soul. Spend time with friends and family, forgive others and be kind. Give of your time and resources helping those with greater needs than your own. This gift of giving will pay back in spades. Finally, wear that genuine smile and quiet self-confidence you’ve earned with your healthy new life style.


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