Female Egg Production is Possible With Stem Cells

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The new egg cells have been generate from ovarian stem cells of the female mice, that is an advanced step in the treatment of female infertility, Chinese researchers stated.

It is a common believe that the production of eggs, discontinue before the birth I most mammals including humans.

“The findings could help in the development of reproductive and regenerative medicines.” They described, some other scientist are also agreed with the study but according to them independent confirmation is required.

Scientist took the ovarian stem cell from the five-day-old and adult mice and cultured these cells for the six months.

Then they transplanted these cells in the infertile mice. They observe that the 80 percent of the mice were able to produce offspring.

“Study findings suggest that oocytes can be induced in sterile recipient females by transplantation of FGSCs,” they wrote.

Azim Surani, professor of physiology and reproduction explained that at the time of mating there are enormous numbers of sperm present but the number of egg in women is fixed at birth. This study describes these ovarian cells can be cultured in vitro, and after transplanting in female can produce the offspring.