Challenges Faced by Aged People In Regards to the Oral Health


It is a myth that as people age, they tend to loose teeth. This is because there are instances where by taking proper care people have teeth last for their lifetime. As people ages, the mouth changes and the nerves in the teeth can grow into smaller, making the teeth less sensitive to cavities or other complications. The common dental problems in the seniors may include periodontal disease, dry mouth and since oral health right away influences the health of the rest of the body, these problems need to be taken care of in a serious way as it is very much as significant as digestive health or heart.

Dr. Peter Spennato is a legendary dentist from San Pedro, California in the United States who states that risks for medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, increase with poor oral health too. He further added that osteoporosis which is a common condition with women in the United States results in loss of bone density in the mouth which in turn results in misplaced tooth. Alzheimer’s disease which is common with men can affect the individual’s cognitive function and as a result of which these patients forget to brush teeth regularly. This is why it is important for the caregiver to take an active role in seeing to the older patients’ needs in this crucial area.Image result for Challenges Faced by Aged People In Regards to the Oral Health

As getting dental care can be very expensive it becomes very difficult for most of the seniors to afford; they should opt for the senior dental insurance plans. However, before choosing a plan, one should find out if the dentist is a member of any dental care provider network. If they are, then consider getting insurance from that dental network so that you can get dental services from your reliable dentist. You can also ask you dentist which dental plan should you choose as they know the medical history of your teeth.

The right way to ensure that the loved ones are receiving required oral health care is to take them to the dentist if they have not been to. Ensure that a list of all medications and herbal as well as dietary supplements that they are taking are provided to the dentist on visit. This is because Dr. Peter Spennato says that there are certain medications that can affect an individual’s oral health as well as can lead to tooth loss. The elderly adults should be encouraged to adopt healthy oral habits at home, make smart choices about diet and lifestyle, and seek regular dental care, as all these would help the teeth to last for a lifetime.

Even when caring for someone who is confined to bed the caregiver should not forget take proper care of the oral health as Dr. Peter Spennato says if the proper oral care is not given then bacteria from the mouth can be inhaled into the lungs which can lead to pneumonia.

Thus, it is very important to take even better care of the teeth as one gets older.


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