5 Myths about the Brain and how you can Make it Work Sharper


There are many things we hear these days in the age of information as to how our brain works, and doesn’t work. And, while there are some facts that are true, there are certain myths that have made it into the mainstream media as true, which are not actually true. Here we would discuss five most common myths about the brain that you need to know more about, so that the next time you hear it, you have a reasoning to know what is true and what is not –

Only 10% of Brain Is Used

This is probably the most common myth about the brain that we hear commonly, and while many have endorsed this statement, as per the latest research, it is not completely true. This is because our brain works 24 hours a day, and 100% of it is used to perform various functions, whether you are solving a puzzle or eating a pizza, and just about anything. So, no we don’t use only 10% of the brain, but most of it, and that too all the time, even while sleeping.

Alcohol Kills Brain Cells

This is a myth which was popularized most probably to refrain people, especially teens, from taking the habit of drinking alcohol, or so it seems. However, a study in 1993 clearly discarded this argument when the brain cells of dead alcoholics and living alcoholics was compared. Alcohol does affect the way our brain works, but doesn’t kill the brain cells.

Brain Power Declines With Age

This is partially true, but is a myth nonetheless, because certain qualities and functions of the brain improve with age, such as social wisdom and emotional skills. Certain surveys have clearly proved that some of the CEOs brain power peaked around the age of 60.

Classical Music Makes Brain Smarter

It was believed earlier on, but isn’t true as per the research conducted recently, which showed no difference in how the brain performs between the people who listened to Mozart, and the group that didn’t listened to it.

We Have Inelastic Brain

Many scientists believe it to be true, but as per research, it has been clearly showed that out brain is elastic and adaptive in nature.

These are the few myths about the brain that are busted now. At times, when you are not able to think clearly or have issues with your brain, you can clear your brain fog gradually by using smart brain supplements available these days.


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